Weekends away are one of life’s wonderful little treasures. They provide a chance to escape from everyday life for just enough time to feel revived and rejuvenated but not so long that you need to plan coverage for all of the things that make life so crazy these days.  Even though weekend getaways are worth their weight in gold, the mission of whittling down the weekend packing checklist and getting it all crammed into an overnight bag can feel nothing short of an impossible task.

Sometimes, we all need a helping hand when it comes to making the packing part of a weekend getaway as stress-free as possible. There are a few tips that come in handy on this front. Let’s start by looking at our top 4 ways to get in the right headspace for packing, then take a closer look at a weekend packing list that should be the go-to list for pretty much any type of weekend getaway in the future.

4 Tips to Successfully Pack for A Weekend Getaway

Pack as Little as Possible

Of course, this does not mean forgetting the necessities, but the majority of us pack more than we need for a weekend getaway. Overpacking can cause stress and overwhelming feelings of not knowing what should be packed just in case.  Weekend getaways are an opportunity to enjoy some downtime and escape!

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Choose the Bag Size Wisely

It’s good to have a designated bag for weekend getaways, preferably one that you can carry on if you fly to your weekend destination. Think about the time you will need to get the bag checked in at the airport, then wait for it at the other end.  Not to mention the genuine risk of getting lost en route. Add to this the inconvenience of dragging a large bag or case around as you commute to your accommodations.  On your way home, don’t forget that you may need to check out of your hotel or Airbnb hours before your flight. Trying to enjoy the last day of sightseeing while being burdened down with a large bag is hardly going to put a great end to the trip.

We say all this to stress the benefits of having a delegated small overnight or weekend bag.  The perfect back would be one you can easily slink over your shoulder.  Choose a pack that will not be too much of a burden if you have to carry it with you anytime during your trip. Of course, having a smaller bag also plays a significant role in being successful in packing light.

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Make Every Item Work for Its Place in Your Case

When you pack items to take on your travels,  try to choose items that will fill more than one role; we like to call them ‘double duty’ items. For instance, if you are traveling to an area with a high amount of mosquitoes, consider bug repellant clothing instead of making room for bug spray and your clothes.  If you are traveling somewhere warm during the day and cool at night, consider fabrics that are both self-cooling and heating.  It’s great to be prepared for all weather conditions, especially when you travel to an area where the climate is unpredictable.  Be sure your selections are justified to take up space in your travel bag. If you can choose an item that fills more than one role, you are starting to become an expert at nailing your weekend packing checklist with efficiency and style.

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Use the Carry-On Hack If the Airline Has One

These days, many airlines allow passengers to bring both a carry-on bag and a personal item, provided they meet the correct weight and measurement criteria. If this is the case, be sure to cash in on it. Bringing a personal item, such as a purse or backpack, is a great way to ensure you have everything you need.  Don’t forget, checking a bag comes with the inconvenience we mentioned above and an extra expense that can instead be used during your weekend.


Essential Packing Checklist for Your Weekend Getaway

There are, of course, some getaways that are going to call for additional equipment that we have not mentioned here. For instance, a weekend away skiing will likely require a case full of snow goggles, thermals, and deep heat, or a weekend baking at the beach will need swimwear, flip-flops, and plenty of sunscreen! Tweak the list as you see fit, but it should certainly cover a wide variety of weekend getaways.


Remember, this is a weekend away, not a fortnight. It does not require a complete make-up kit, every hair styling product in your cabinet, or a complex first aid kit (unless your health determines it to be essential). Here are the toiletries you should undoubtedly pack in your bag:

Clothes and Footwear

If you are traveling for a specific reason, such as a wedding or corporate event, your packing will need to reflect the needs of your event. Otherwise, the list below should be sufficient for a typical getaway:

  • A single pair of versatile shoes
  • A single pair of jeans you can dress up or down (two pairs if you must). These can be substituted for shorts if traveling to a hot climate.
  • Two casual and two dressy tops (unless you have plans that require more of one type)
  • Underwear clothing and socks per day 
  • Pajamas
  • Small money bag or clutch bag
  • One coat or jacket suitable for the weather
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat (weather dependent)

Other Essentials

  • Mobile phone
  • Phone charger
  • Earbuds
  • Adapter (if necessary)
  • Water bottle
  • Passport
  • Cash and credit cards
  • Snacks for the journey (yes, these are essential in our opinion!)

We know it is tempting to bring everything but the kitchen sink on a weekend away but remember, the breakaway should be rejuvenating and liberating; don’t burden yourself down with a case full of clutter!

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Enjoy Your Time Away!

Now that you have a handle on your packing checklist for a weekend away, it’s time to start planning for your trip!  At Impressions in Flight, we are here to help you with all your travel supply needs, including your favorite snacks to take along.  We hope you found this article helpful and wish you a safe and relaxing getaway!