Are you a collector of things? Is your pantry, closet, and every spare drawer overflowing with things you don’t need or use? Unfortunately, our homes fill up with things over time because they were necessities at the time of purchase. And while some of the items we collect are very useful, others add clutter to our lives. Getting rid of things that we no longer need or are just collecting dust can be difficult, but there’s an important reason you should: When your space becomes full of clutter, it can impact your mental health. This article will talk about clutter, how it impacts us, and things you can do to minimize your life with travel inspired living! 

Why Do We Save Things?

It turns out that the mere thought of giving away random items can cause anxiety. It’s much more challenging to let go of objects you consider to be an extension of yourself. For example, your sports trophies that show you were a great athlete, the vintage jewelry passed down to you from your favorite aunt or even the collection of shot glasses or magnets that show your world travels.  Letting go of things we feel a connection to is hard. When you consider letting go of an object, your brain weighs the dread of losing it against the impact of never having that item again, which causes worry. If you connect strongly with the object, you may even suffer anxiety or grief. The anxiety we may feel is not enjoyable at all, so we do what’s easy at the time: we keep stuff.

Clutter, day-to-day annoyances, and depressive symptoms

Daily annoyances occupy our brains, zap our energy, and split our focus throughout the day, causing stress. These daily annoyances can wreak havoc on your brain by raising levels of the stress hormone cortisol.  

Clutter is just one element contributing to our already hurried and stressful life, which stresses you out, promoting cortisol release.  Your brain eventually says, “I can’t do this anymore,” and the system collapses. The breakdown can cause depression in some people and will almost certainly cause depressive symptoms such as sadness and irritability. Clutter does not cause depression on its own, but it adds an extra, unneeded daily annoyance and source of stress.

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Travel Inspired Living

When we travel, for the most part, we only take the necessities we need. So, if we can get along perfectly fine with the minimum amount of items we pack in our travel bags, why not apply our travel lifestyle rules to life in general? One of the best ways to declutter your space and life is to figure out what fuels your happiness. Take a look at your space, all of your things, and the lifestyle you lead. If you have multiples of items, an overflowing wardrobe, or things you use once a year, it’s time to pair down to the essentials.

  • Go through each area of your home and get rid of or store items you don’t need or use.
  • Find joy in the things you do have or get rid of them.
  • Before buying something new, make sure you don’t own another version of that item.
  • When you do purchase new items, look for quality items that will last.
  • Schedule time every six months to reevaluate your belongings and purge anything you do not need or want.
  • Disassociate yourself from the things you own. Instead, place your joy in your relationships and experiences.

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Ways to Reduce Clutter With ‘Travel Size’ Products

Although many of our customers are travelers, as a leader in the travel products industry, we have noticed a rising trend of individuals living a travel inspired life.  They accomplish this by using travel size and individual size items at home to organize, declutter, and scale into smaller living areas.  Here are some fantastic ways to aid you in your goal, whether you are moving to a smaller house or want to minimize your possessions to create a more simplistic lifestyle.

Declutter the Guest Bath

Organize your bathroom by removing full-size amenity items from the vanity and bathtub. Eliminating large bottles and stocking your guest bath drawer with an appealing assortment of travel-size shampoos, conditioners, and body washes are great for guests.  In addition, our restroom and travel goods department has travel-size personal care items.

Renovate Your ‘Catch-all’ Areas

Target places that are ready for action, such as the kitchen counters or islands. Removing the clutter can quickly revive your space by allowing just the most essential items to stay and replacing goods like facial tissue boxes and hand sanitizer bottles with travel versions that fit into the available drawer space.

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Travel Inspired Medicine Cabinet

Replace all unused and large bottles of over-the-counter medications in the medicine cabinet with the same items in individual packets and travel sizes.  Individual packets can help to increase the amount of space you have and reduce clutter.  Check out our First Aid, Personal Protective Equipment, and Medicine section for all your health care needs.

Reclaim Your Refrigerator

Reclaim more storage space by purchasing less often used condiments, dressings, and sauces in small quantities that take up less space – or in individual serving packets that are shelf-stable and do not require refrigeration at all. Visit our condiments section to find your favorite products. 

Free Up Room in the Pantry

Purchase food and beverage items in individual quantities, such as teas, sweetener packets, nutrition bars, and snacks. Single-serve items provide the bonus of portion control and also help to save space while increasing your selections. Check out our Food and Beverage section on our website at

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Fewer Possessions, More Travel, and Adventure

Taking care of your things takes time and effort; however, the less stuff you keep, the less cleanup you will have. Hence, less dusting, less reorganizing your closets, and less stress from coming home to see clutter and chaos. Therefore, spend less time and energy on amassing a large number of possessions. Instead, give more of yourself to your life, hobbies, travels, and adventures.

Decluttering and living life with a travel inspired mindset can be incredibly freeing. You may be surprised at how great you feel once you leap to a more minimalist approach to your possessions. So, get inspired and free your life of things that don’t make you happy!  We hope you found this article helpful and look forward to providing you with the best travel-sized amenities for your home and your next big adventure!