Travel, as we used to know it, is being reshaped due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are already seeing innovative travel sector changes accelerating in response to the recent changes in traveling demands, expectations, habits, and patterns. Travelers are now looking for better ways to travel that are safer and with a lower impact on the environment.  Additionally, eco-friendly travel offers and refines choices for travel locations. Individuals who once had a wanderlust to see more of the world they live in are coexisting with a new appreciation for adventures in their own backyard. Additionally, travelers are looking for ways to mix work and travel. All of this is now driving the demand for greater value from the vacations we book. Read more about travel trends for the upcoming year below.


Our basic human need to travel is still here despite the continued restrictions on travel and uncertainty. It is estimated that travelers will take the same number of international and domestic flights over the next year following travel restrictions being lifted as they did in the year before the COVID-19 pandemic.

The time of quarantine and increasing work from home is making many of us crave connection to the outside world more than ever before. As a result, many of us have a stronger desire to explore more of the globe and travel to make up for the time we have lost. Many individuals attempt to organize a vacation to compensate for missed events, such as birthdays and weddings. People are now looking at rebooking trips they had to put off.  With all of this in mind, we can anticipate travel agencies being very creative over the next few years with new vacation itineraries and ideas meant to pique the interest of travelers who have been unable to travel.


Eco-Friendly Travel Options

With more and more people looking for ways to travel more responsibly in the future, we anticipate a more eco-conscious mentality in the coming months and beyond. COVID-19 has raised people’s awareness of their influence on the environment and in their local communities. As a result, many want the travel industry to provide more eco-friendly travel alternatives. As a result, passengers may visit destinations during off-peak times to avoid congested tourist sites. This means that destinations with high tourism will have to come up with new and innovative ways to manage crowds to attract potential tourists.

The impact of COVID-19 has also prompted travelers to rethink their ecological footprint, minimizing trash and increasing their recycling activities when they travel.  This shift shows that people are becoming more devoted to safeguarding themselves and the environment of their travel destinations.

Travelers feel that the travel industry must adjust to this long-term eco-friendly perspective by providing more options for travel during off-peak times and recommending alternate destinations so they can avoid large crowds. Additionally, there are strong indicators that travel businesses must be more transparent with the breakdown of expenditures for travel packages to rebuild a community, leading to more eco-friendly travel. People want their vacation decisions to help the destination’s rehabilitation efforts.

eco friendly travel

Working Vacation

Working remotely has grown in popularity throughout the pandemic. This newfound freedom from the office has led travelers to take longer vacations that successfully integrate work and pleasure. As a result, there is a significant increase in “Workations,” with travelers staying at their destinations for longer periods and working remotely.  Conversely, fitting holidays around remote work excursions. You can expect laptops to be more common in travel bags than ever before.

Many tourists are already considering planning a stay to work remotely from a new destination. Travel portals for accommodations will begin to showcase home offices and Wi-Fi speed to attract this new crop of individuals living the laptop lifestyle. Similarly, business travel will witness an increase in longer stays, which will require a more work-friendly environment and added privacy. While many businesses are rethinking the approach they should take to future business travel, employees will continue to make the most of business trips and extend their stay to include leisure time.


Simple Travel Pleasures

As we live with the new restrictions brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, people are becoming more eager to embrace a simplified way to experience the world. The additional time many have been spending at home with family has altered travel goals and a desire to explore more of our natural resources. Since the start of the pandemic, many individuals are taking advantage of simple pleasures like enjoying the fresh air, hiking, and relaxation. Additionally, research shows that travelers want simple experiences while on vacation, such as spending more quality time with family and friends. Many individuals also want experiences that are rural, allowing them to immerse themselves more fully in nature, such as family camping trips.

Given the growing focus on privacy, more space, and control over personal hygiene and cleanliness, it is expected that many travelers will choose lodging similar to their home environments.  This includes renting vacation homes and apartments rather than a hotel stay.  In addition, many people will choose to dine in rather than at restaurants. Thus, a fully equipped kitchen becoming a necessity for vacation rentals. Health and wellness trips are also becoming more popular. Many people say that wellness trips are their new favorite vacation, followed by big-city visits and sandy beach getaways.


Local Travel

Local travel has grown in prominence in the wake of COVID-19 because it is much easier and safer.  Often it is also more eco-friendly. Staying close to home as a hometown traveler rather than being a tourist in a foreign land will remain at the top of travel agenda lists. Doorstep delights will also provide a cost effective and time saver for many.  Destination spots will need to respond by providing more historical and cultural excursions to visitors as well as unique offerings to compete in the future.

Additionally, pet-friendly accommodations are becoming more available since many people travel with their furry companions. All of this will spark a resurgence of road trips for exploration of nearby towns, which will help in revitalizing support to local businesses and towns as they recover.

local vacations

Travel Plan Escapism

Our desire for travel content to help plan dream vacations and share travel ideas will skyrocket over the next few years. Most travel enthusiasts are spending time searching for vacation inspiration, and researching possible destinations every week as a way of distracting themselves from restrictions. As restrictions tighten again, we can expect travel destinations to find even more creative ways to capitalize on the desires of their potential customers. Hotels and destinations are taking full advantage of this time to revamp their presence on social media platforms by creating inspiring Imagery and content to showcase their unique offerings. 

However, while daydreaming about their next vacation, social media is not the only sole source travelers are finding inspiration from.  Suggestions from family and friends still pique travel inspiration. In addition, many individuals become sentimental while looking over old vacation photos, prompting them to relive past experiences. While many are more mindful about where, when, and how they share their travel experiences due to a more constrained environment, the benefits of sharing past travel stories will spark innovative travel trends such as interactive or shareable itineraries.

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Safety While Traveling

Because of COVID-19, travelers are taking extra precautions when traveling.  These measures continue to include wearing masks, social distancing as much as possible and extra attention being paid to personal hygiene and using hand sanitizer.  Because of the added safety measures many tourists will avoid particular areas, and tourism attractions will need to adjust to accommodate social distancing. 

Travelers are also prioritizing greater health and safety procedures. Most tourists will accept health spot checks on arrival and wear a mask in public, just as we have gotten accustomed to previous travel requirements related to travel size products in carry-on luggage and removing shoes to go through airport security. Quarantine measures will continue to be unpopular, with fewer people prepared to tolerate them to travel to specific destinations.

More Value for Your Money

People will undoubtedly want more value for the money they are spending in the future with the financial fallout from the effects of the pandemic and the increase in inflation. Many travelers are being more price aware while searching for and arranging a vacation, seeking out specials and savings.  However, the value seekers will extend beyond just the price tag. Many individuals want cancellation rules expanded to include more flexible refund policies and trip insurance alternatives. Many people consider refundable lodging and the ability to alter dates without any extra charge as must-haves for future vacations.

So, as travelers analyze their spending going forward, the travel industry will need to adapt in order to provide greater value, better choices, and improved flexibility and transparency.

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Planning Ahead

As more travelers begin to plan for future trips, with travel trends having a focus on eco-friendly, wellness, and philanthropic vacations, we are also seeing an increase in more leisurely travel by train and road trips. Safety is a top concern, and local and domestic workcations are at an all-time high.  No matter what your mode of transportation or your final destination, we at Impressions in Flight are here to provide you with all the best travel products and amenities. For more information on our products or to place your order, visit our online store.  Safe travels!