Air travel can be a challenge for many people. After travelers rush through the airport and go through the frenzy of security checks, they want to look forward to relaxing on a leisurely flight with lots of airline amenities. Travelers want to fly in comfort and enjoy the little extras that can make their flight enjoyable. To serve their customers better, airlines have creative ways of offering their clients the type of amenities to keep them coming back. In the following article, Impressions in Flight gives examples of the popular inflight amenities and airline facilities. 

Top Airline Amenities

Inflight Entertainment

This is one of the best ways to keep travelers entertained. Personal TV screens offer inflight movies (many of them first-run) and popular shows on major TV networks. Onboard broadcasts can take the boredom out of a long flight. Inflight entertainment also can include games that children can engage in. Parents love this feature because the games can keep their children occupied for a long time—comfortable headsets with good sound top off this popular amenity.

Some airlines also offer free WI-FI. With people constantly connected to their devices, this is an amenity that is highly sought after among passengers. 

inflight entertainment

Meals and Refreshments

Meals and refreshments are a few of the airline amenities that a lot of passengers look forward to with anticipation. There is an old saying circling among travelers that the snacks offered onboard taste especially good. It might be due to the packaging or the limited quantities provided to passengers. Nevertheless, food is often one of the highlights.

The food offerings will vary in quantity and quality among the different classes. Those in the economy classes might get a simple meal and snacks, whereas passengers in first-class can get a full—multi-course gourmet meal.

The way the food is presented onboard also makes a difference, and it also depends on the class where the food is served. Whereas first-class might use real silverware and china in their service, food service in other classes can be enhanced with attractive plasticware or one-use disposable silverware. There are also attractive disposable plates that look elegant. The presentation can be further improved by providing attractive, full-size disposable dinner napkins. When food is presented attractively, it enhances the inflight dining experience.

Many airlines have special meals prepared for children, like mini burgers and hot dogs. It can also be packaged with a toy surprise which makes the extra meal special for the child. 

Snacks and Beverages

As for snacks, offering a wide variety will keep the passengers happy. The array can include nuts and trail mix, salty snacks like pretzels, crackers, and chips, chewing gum, and sweet snacks like cookies and bars. Gluten-free products and fresh fruit can also be in the mix.

It is essential to serve a wide variety of beverages. Sodas, fruit juices, coffees, and teas are some of the expected offerings. 

airline amenities

Hygiene Products

On long flights, providing passengers with airline amenities, such as extra hygienic items will help them refresh. Towel service is exceptionally welcoming, significantly if the towels can be warmed up. Some disposable towels have the feel of linen that adds a bit of luxury. Towels can be offered before meals or anytime during a long flight. 

Airline Amenities Kits

These are kits full of items that a passenger might find helpful. Passengers like these kits because it is like opening up a packet with unknown surprises. The type of kits offered during the flight depends on how long the flight is and the class. Typical products like a toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, mouthwash, small hand lotion, shavers, and shoeshine wipes are just some of the everyday items in a basic amenity kit. Personal care amenity kits can be tailored to the male or female passenger. For example, a kit for a female passenger can include nail polish remover wipes and basic items formulated for ladies. High-end kits can consist of other products for grooming, like combs, nail clippers, etc.

Socks and Slippers

Socks and slippers can be offered during overnight flights. Passengers appreciate this because they can keep their feet protected without keeping their shoes on. This allows the passenger to feel more comfortable and relaxed during the flight.

Pillows and Blankets

Passengers on long flights need these extra comforts to help them rest well during a flight. The travel pillow should be covered with a new, disposable pillowcase before the pillow is offered to a passenger because of hygienic reasons. Disposable pillows are also an option. The airplane cabin can get chilly from the ventilation. Fresh, lightweight travel blankets should also be offered to passengers so they can keep themselves warm.

Seats That Convert To A Bed

For long flights, it is difficult for many passengers to take a nap while sitting up. Some airlines offer passengers the ability to convert a row of seats into a bed. This allows the passenger to stretch out and sleep in comfort. Many passengers are willing to pay extra just to benefit from getting many hours of restful sleep inflight. 

seats that convert into bed

Miscellaneous Amenities

Some airlines offer their passengers things like playing cards and writing kits. The writing kit may include a postcard branded with the airline, which the passenger can send to a friend. Small toys can be offered to children. Extras like these take amenities to another level and can set the airline apart from the competition. 

Providing the right airline amenities to passengers should be a goal of any airline, whether commercial, corporate, or private. Passengers will appreciate the extra attention paid to their comfort, which the airline can quickly achieve by providing convenient amenities. For corporate and private airlines, the attention to little details will garner praise from the executives and those who hired the airline. 

For commercial airlines, it will improve customer service and loyalty in a competitive market. Passengers share their travel experiences online in forums and discussion groups. Additionally, for commercial airlines, they must pay attention to what passengers expect when they are on board. Airlines with better amenities will get better reviews and more customers that keep coming back. Many passengers are willing to pay extra for the better service they get in flight. Providing amenities is an easy way to win them over. Get in touch with Impressions in Flight today to stock your aircraft with airline amenities your customers will love!