Shoe Shine Wipes (Pack of 20)


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Shoe Shine & Leather Wipes

Each pre-moistened towel, or wet wipe contains a specially formulated solution that cleans shoes and leather products with just one simple wipe.

Its ease of use and small packaging make it a must have item during your travel or around the airplane.

La Fresh Travel Lite™ Shoe Shine Wipes contain a clear polishing formula to spiff up shoes in seconds.

  • Shines Up Shoes in an Instant
  • Clear Polishing Formula
  • No Dry Time

Open packet. Unfold towelette. Gently apply to shoe surface. Use other side of towelette to clean other shoe. Allow to dry. Buff to restore luster. Do not flush.

Test small area for colored and fine leather. *Not suitable for suede*

Individually wrapped towelettes. Cleans and shines shoes in one step.

Pack of 20

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