LE MUST Artisanal Orange Marmalade Organic 1 oz – 8 Pack


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A welcome on board for your haute cuisine, the high-flying offerings of Le Must prestige single-serve condiments are assured to satisfy and heighten the passenger’s inflight dining experience.


Combining classic culinary techniques with a contemporary enthusiasm for innovation and perfection, the maîtres artisans of le Must craft all-natural balanced blends of food- forward condiments and artisan preserves, produced in small batches, to deliver a taste and texture that sets le Must apart. Never content to settle for less than the best, our passion and creativity remains grounded in our meticulous fervor for refining the subtleties that carefully selected ingredients can yield. We take great pride that our signature select condiment collection is a distinctive accompaniment on the world’s finest tables.

This Organic sweet orange marmalade is handmade in small copper cauldrons, without additives or preservatives. It’s rich, thick texture comes from an traditional artisan manufacturing process that begins with delicious, fresh whole oranges. Using exclusively cane sugar, this preserve is cooked slowly is small batches, to deliver a taste that is sweet and intense.

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