Hoffmaster Flat-Pack Natural Onyx Gray Linen-Like Napkins – Pack of 250


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Fold it any way you’d like!

16 in x 16 in Linen-Like Natural Gray Onyx Dinner Napkins Flat Pack

Provide your guests with a high-end disposable napkin at their table with this Hoffmaster natural onyx flat pack linen-like dinner napkin! This eco-friendly dinner napkin offers a more stylish alternative to traditional white napkins. It’s made from 55% recycled fibers, making it the eco-conscious solution you’ve been searching for. With the ability to do the work of a stack of standard paper napkins, just one linen-like napkin is strong enough to make it through an entire meal. Plus, the upscale look adds style and sophistication to any table setting.

The natural onyx coloring ensures versatility as you pick and choose your tabletop decor. This napkin also comes flat packed for easy folding and table setting. The smooth, wrinkle-free surface is perfect for displays or lining baskets to enhance your presentation. Since it is flat packed, it’s ready to fold into fancy shapes, fluff for display, wrap around silverware, or line a basket right out of the packaging. For added convenience, this disposable napkin eliminates expensive laundering costs associated with linen napkins, saving you time and money!

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