Cafe Valet French Roast 4 Cup Coffee Filter Pack – 25 Count


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Cafe Valet

The term “French Roast” is derived from the taste preference of the country known for culinary imagination. Properly done, this roasting process produces a rich, full bodied, dark roast flavor.

Only the highest quality coffees flourish through this rigorous roasting process. Cafe Valet contains only 100% arabica coffees, including some of the world’s finest Colombians.

Roasted and ground to exacting standards, Cafe Valet is then packaged within hours to assure freshness!

  • 100% Arabica coffee
  • Dark roasted with medium body and full aroma
  • Sealed paper filter makes preparation easy and neat
  • For use with all four-cup coffee makers
  • Individual Singe Serve Packs
    One filter pack is filled with 0.5 oz of ground coffee.No Returns Allowed on This Product

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