Care packages are a great way to express your love to family and friends.  They come from the heart, whether big or small, loaded with handmade gifts and goodies or carefully chosen products. So whether we’re talking about college students, military members, or just someone who no longer lives nearby, sending a personalized care package may remind them that they’re still on our minds and in our hearts. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of care package ideas that anyone would enjoy giving or receiving.

When Should You Send a Care Package?

Holidays and birthdays are a great time to send a little love through the mail; however, you can send a care package any time you like. For example, consider sending a care package to your stressed-out college student taking finals, a loved one who is having a hard time or is ill, or just as a reminder to someone special that you love them. No matter what the occasion, the recipient is sure to enjoy the labors of your love.  

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Sending Fragile Items in a Care Package

When shipping fragile items, do not pack the box too tightly. Be sure to leave some space in the box for extra padding. Also, fill glass items that are hollow, such as a vase or wine glass, with tissue paper, newspaper, or packing material to help reduce the chance of breakage. If you are sending a picture frame, remove the glass from the frame and wrap it separately. Pictures are some of the best gifts because they let us relive memories.

Electronics that use batteries

Electronic gadgets are great gifts; however, if they require batteries, remove the batteries and wrap them separately before placing them in your gift box. In addition, various battery shipping restrictions may apply depending on where your package is being sent, particularly for overseas shipments.

Food and other perishables

Remember that perishables must be declared when shipping, but as long as they won’t spoil and turn to goop in the package, they’re acceptable to send. Choose foods that will not crumble into bits or go bad if not chilled. If you want to send perishable homemade goods, consider items that you can store in an airtight container for more than three days. Even if it spoils the surprise, let the receiver know so they can keep an eye out for their package. Cookies are a staple at our house, so consider whipping up a batch from your favorite cookie recipe!


Individually pre-packaged snacks are a fantastic choice for any gift box.  There are tons of choices when it comes to single-serve food items, such as chips, cookies, and energy or protein bars. Your loved one overseas will appreciate the thought and will have the opportunity to enjoy something that may be hard to get where they are stationed.  Additionally, if the package is for a college student or family member in a care center, they are a quick and easy treat to enjoy. 

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Customize Your Care Package

You may not see your loved one as frequently as you may lie, but creating a personalized care package is an excellent way for your family to stay connected. When putting together a care package for a loved one, think of what they enjoy doing, some of their favorite snacks, and perhaps some new activities or books for them to enjoy. Putting together a care box may be as simple or complicated as you choose. You can put everything in a box or add colored tissue paper and a thoughtful handwritten note.

Ideas for Care Packages

Variety is the spice of life, and care boxes are no exception. Send a new coffee cup and coffee wrapped in an old favorite t-shirt. Instead of using newspaper or packing paper, insert a pair of knitted socks for padding. All gifts are appreciated, but the only limit is your imagination. Get creative and have fun with your gift! 

A Good Book or Magazine

Consider sending a few good books or the recipient’s favorite magazines.  Reading is a great way to learn, or just relax and is sure to be appreciated. So keep the mood light with positive, encouraging novels or periodicals.

A Touch of Home

Put together a box with a couple of their favorite things for the student or military family member missing home. Of course, we don’t simply mean your best chocolate chip cookies. Instead, include a postcard from a nearby café, a gift card to their favorite restaurant that they may use when they return home, a pennant from a local sports club, and family photographs.



Toiletries are a simple and great present. Below are some of the best toiletries to include in a care box:

However, we recommend including more pleasurable items, such as a personal care gift bundle of skin, body, face, or hair products.

Packages for Self-Care

Some think self-care packages are an overused idea; however, self-care items are the perfect cure for whatever ails you. Taking care of ourselves is genuinely essential, and it can make a significant impact. Include a facial mask, a candle, a bath bomb, or anything you believe your loved one would enjoy the best. It’s the ideal present for anyone who needs to unwind, which is pretty much everyone nowadays.

Gift Certificates

Gift cards may be the most basic of presents, but that doesn’t make them any less appreciated—especially for sick friends or family members, those with limited mobility, or those experiencing unfavorable economic consequences. Consider providing gift vouchers for services like Uber or Lyft, meal delivery services, cleaning services, grocery cards, a favorite restaurant or coffee shop, and the like. 

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Care packages can come in a variety of shapes and sizes

Remember that care packages can be simple yet incredibly appreciated by the receiver. What matters is that you put time and effort into the present. Adding a thoughtful handwritten letter or homemade card is the perfect touch. Receiving a care package is a special gift from the heart, no matter the occasion. At Impressions In Flight, we offer a variety of travel-size products and individually wrapped snacks, and travel-sized products to help you fill your care package. We hope you found our blog on putting together care packages for your loved ones helpful. Thanks for reading!